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Verbs ending with - ify

Simplify - make simple
Simplify your plan so that we can understand.
Rectify - make corrections
Pacify - make calm
Beautify - decorate
Personify - applying human quality
Clarify - make clear
Certify - to state as true
Amplify - make louder
Modify - improve
Magnify - make it appear larger
Dignify - make impressive
Verify - check
Satisfy - make satisfaction
Signify - stand as a symbol
Purify - make pure
Glorify - praise
Specify - make specific
Notify - inform
Classify - make classification
Qualify - meet the qualifications
Stupefy - stun, surprise
Identify - recognize
Nullify - declare invalid

Monday, 10 April 2017

Do as directed Grade 11

    Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:
  1. The south makes an equal strong claim.( Add a Question tag)
  2. The south makes an equal strong claim, doesn't it?
  3. The visitor is spoiled for choice. ( Rewrite it in Past Perfect Tense)
  4. The visitor had spoiled for choice.
  5. India today is one of the most exciting tourist destination in the world.
  6. (Change the Degree). Today very few destinations in the world are as exciting as India.
  7. He has developed a marked sense of humor. (Rewrite it in Future Perfect Tense)
  8. He will have developed a marked sense of humor.
  9. His heart is bigger than his brain. (Change the Degree)
  10. His brain is not as big as his heart.
  11. The Hamal Panchayat has also created a free secondary school.(Add Question Tag.)
  12. The Hamal Panchayat has also created a free secondary school, hasn't it?
  13. He owns no property. (Rewrite using ‘not’)
  14. He does not own any property.
  15. The unions are all funded through contributions and from small economic activities. (Rewrite using not only.. but also.)
  16. The unions are all funded not only through contributions but also from small economic activities.
  17. Madhu is _________ model and _____ artist. ( Use suitable articles in blanks)
  18. Madhu is a model and an artist.
  19. Meet me ___10.30 a.m. ______Monday. (Use suitable prepositions in blanks )
  20. Meet me at10.30 a.m. onMonday.
  21. Teacher: How far is your home from your college?
    Rupali: More than 2 km.
  22. Teacher asked how far her home is. Rupali replied that it is more than 2 km.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Grammar HSC 2017

(B) Grammar
Do as directed
(1) J.R.D. Tata was amazing personality. He always helped
poor in the country.
(Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.) (2)
They stood silence as a mark honour to her.
(Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.) ( 3 )
"Where are you going?" he asked. "Pune, Sir, my husband is starting a company called Infosys and I'm shifting to Pune.-
(Change it into Indirect speech.)
Set B
Q. 5 Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed.
i. He was delighted to see the prosperity of his kingdom. (Rewrite as Rhetorical Question)
Ans : Wasn't he delighted to see the property of his kingdom?
ii. Summon people from all the walks of life to the court. (Begin with ‘Let……..)
Ans : Let the people from all the walks of life be summoned to the court.
iii. As soon as the king arrived in the court humming happy tune to himself, he cleared his throat. ( Rewrite using ‘No sooner…… than)
Ans: No sooner did the king arrive in the court humming happy tune to himself than he cleared his throat.

Set C
Q. 5 Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed.
We need many such organizations. ( Frame wh-question to get underlined part as an answer)
Ans: What do we need?

II. It reduces inequality. (Rewrite it using the Present Perfect Tense)
Ans: It has reduced inequality.
III. The air will be clean, as pollution levels will have dropped dramatically. (Rewrite it using ‘unless ‘. )
Ans : Unless the pollution levels will have dropped dramatically, the air will not be clean.

Set D
Que 1 A (5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed.
He goes for his morning walk at 1 pm. (Rewrite it in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense)
Ans: He has been going for his morning walk at 1 pm.
They live in different time zones. ( Make it a complex sentence. )
Ans: They live in such a zones which are different in time.
The man decides to take a day off from work. (Rewrite it using the noun form of the underlined word.)
Ans: The man takes the decision to take a day off from work.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Conversation 1

*Teacher 1*: Hey buddy , do    you want to learn French ?
*Teacher 2*: Yaa , I would like to . But how ?
*T 1* : Just think how we learn our mother tongue . We used to listen people around us .After a silent listening for a year , we started to utter .
*T 2* : But ,people around us     do not speak French . So how can we listen ?
*T 3*. Hey buddies , in this era of internet , you need not worry . Just go online find videos , audios , speeches and interviews and listen to them. If you read loudly , you can listen to yourself .
*T 2*: Thanks bro . It's a nice idea .
*T 1* : Thanks for the suggestion 
*T 3* : Good luck . Do you know I don't know French ? But I have learned English this way . So I am sure you can learn any language only beginning with listening .

*The conversation that takes place in my dream. I would like to share with you* .

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Narayan Surve's My Mother

When the stars go off
Tall chimney-sirens sound
Daily with fast steps
Marching to the mill
Who looked backwards
And told us so lovingly
"Do not fight with anyone"
Gave us two paise
On the day before Dasara
She went with five of us
To see the festival
We bantered in the lanes
What a great pleasure
Beyond words
We returned with balloons
And whistles and pipes
We became birds

What happened of one day
They brought her in a cart
Her eyes were open
Blood gushed from her mouth
Her partner saluted
Came near, caressed us and said 'Balu'
We saw mutely everything
We searched our umbrella
Our roof, our mother.

That night we five
Stuck closer and
Wrapped up to the coverlet
Taking it to be mother's affection
Already we had nothing
Now there was even no mother
We awake all night
letting tears
Now we became fully unattached.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Preposition Test

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

News writing

Headlines are given in the questions . Students have to select one and develop news from that headline. Generally the news of accident, sports, strike , rain, celebrating, shooting, looting and blast are asked to write. Sometimes leads are given. Students have to prepare headline,dateline and a short continuing paragraph.
Parts of the news
The Headline - Write the given headline in bold type. It should be in Simple Present Tense. Avoid articles, prepositions, helping verbs and conjunctions. Use concrete words.

Dateline- Includes
I)Name of reporter or news agency: e.g. Our Correspondent/ PTI/ENS
ii) Name of city/town: e.g. NAGPUR/AKOLA/CHANDRAPUR
iii)Date: e.g. August, 2

The Lead /Intro: The first paragraph of news is known as lead because it leads reader to the rest of the news. It is called intro because it is introductory paragraph. It should be of three /four lines or within 30 words.
This paragraph provides answers to the questions like what,where,when, how, who. These questions should be answered in lead /intro.While writing lead make use of headline. Put it into past tense. Use full form of passive voice. Provide necessary articles.
Continuing paragraph.; It gives the detail description of the event.The sequence of description is most important, important ,less important ,least important.

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Vowel Magic

Words consisting all five vowel letters 

➡➡ precaution 
➡➡ communicate
➡➡ persuasion
➡➡ permutation 
➡➡ mountaineer 
➡➡ authorize 
➡➡ augmentation 
➡➡ auctioneer 
➡➡ auriferous 
➡➡ dialogue
➡➡ revolutionary 
➡➡ simultaneous 
➡➡ superannuation 
➡➡ gregarious 
➡➡ behaviour 
➡➡ reputation 
➡➡ computerization
➡➡ Education 
➡➡ automobile