Sunday, 30 November 2014

Preposition : Test

Select the proper alternative to complete the sentence

Check the answer to each multiple-choice question, and click on the "Send Form" button to submit the information.

1.Can you deliver the goods ... next Thursday?

2. We have just received a big order ... 50 machines.

3.There is no chance of selling the goods ... that price.

4.If I miss the bus, I'll come ... foot.

5.It's the biggest diamond ... the world.

6.You live ... London, don't you?

7.It depends ... the interest rate.

8.He's talking ... the phone.

9.Diana is working as a hostess ... the Trade Fair.

10.You can fly to Dublin ... London.

11.Scientists search ..... information about how animals communicate.

12.A polling officer works ..... the Crime Watch programme to keep our neighbourhood safe.

13.Mathew often climbs the four flights ..... stairs for exercise.

14.They have been learning English......11 years.

15.Our plan is considered...... the members of the committee


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