Monday, 14 March 2016

Transformation : Negative - Affirmative


1. Remove negation such as not, never , no, nothing, nobody, no one, nowhere
2.Use opposite word 

1]  English is not difficult .
Affir:-  English is easy .
2]  Nobody was absent .
Affir:-Every body was present .
3]   I am not a little tired .
Affir:-   I am much tired .
4]  Mala did not answer.
Affir:- Mala failed to answer.
5]  I am not your friend .
Affir:-I am your enemy/foe
6]  Payal never lost her way .
Affir:-Payal always remembered her way .
7]  But this is not possible now.
Affir:-But this is impossible now
8]  His tender mind did not speculate on his father's delay.
Affir:-  His tender mind failed to speculate on his father's delay.
9]  I can not attend their needs.
Aff:-  I am unable to attend their needs.
10) I am not unhappy.
Affir: I am happy.
1. I  did remember. (turn into negative without its changing meaning)
       I did not forget.

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