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News writing

Headlines are given in the questions . Students have to select one and develop news from that headline. Generally the news of accident, sports, strike , rain, celebrating, shooting, looting and blast are asked to write. Sometimes leads are given. Students have to prepare headline,dateline and a short continuing paragraph.
Parts of the news
The Headline - Write the given headline in bold type. It should be in Simple Present Tense. Avoid articles, prepositions, helping verbs and conjunctions. Use concrete words.

Dateline- Includes
I)Name of reporter or news agency: e.g. Our Correspondent/ PTI/ENS
ii) Name of city/town: e.g. NAGPUR/AKOLA/CHANDRAPUR
iii)Date: e.g. August, 2

The Lead /Intro: The first paragraph of news is known as lead because it leads reader to the rest of the news. It is called intro because it is introductory paragraph. It should be of three /four lines or within 30 words.
This paragraph provides answers to the questions like what,where,when, how, who. These questions should be answered in lead /intro.While writing lead make use of headline. Put it into past tense. Use full form of passive voice. Provide necessary articles.
Continuing paragraph.; It gives the detail description of the event.The sequence of description is most important, important ,less important ,least important.

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