Friday, 20 December 2013

TRANSFORMATION: Affirmative –Negative

Make negative without changing meaning
1. Use negation such as not, never , no, nothing, nobody, no one, nowhere
2.Use opposite word

1]  He is clever .
Neg.:-He is not dull.
2]  She is beautiful.
Neg:-She is not ugly.
3] She was happy.
Neg:-She was not unhappy .
4]  It was the right thing to do.
Neg:- It was not the wrong thing to do.
5]  Her tongue is rough.
Neg:-  Her tongue is not smooth.
   6]  She was good looking.
Neg:- She was not ugly.
7]  The treatment is incomplete.
Neg: -The treatment is not complete
8]  The poor fisherman agreed to his term .
Neg:- The poor fisherman did not disagree to his term .
9]  The children of today must continue this work /
Neg:- The children of today must not discontinue this work.
10]  The dancers are all male.
Neg:-  The dancers are not any female.
11] I never saw so deep a clam (change into an affirmative sentence)
        This is the deepest clam I have ever seen.

12]It is not wrong to love animal and plant. (make it affirmative sentence)
      Is it wrong to love animal and plant ? OR
       It is kind to love animal and plant.
13] He tried all plans. (make it negative without changing the meaning)
       He left no plan untried.
14) clearly,the only way was to swim. (Rewrite as a negative sentence)
    There was no other way except swimming. 

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