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Do as directed: Class 10

Rewrite as Directed

1.He said, "I am a Sanskrit teacher."(Rewrite into indirect speech)
He said that he is a Sanskrit teacher.
2. He handed everyone a packets of sweets.(Begin with 'Everyone...)
Everyone was handed a packets of sweets (by him).
3.King Krishnadeva Raya would perform heavy exercises every morning.( Use - used to)
    King Krishnadeva Raya used to perform heavy exercises every morning.
4. When the king came to know of this, he was furious. (Use- No sooner---than)
     No sooner did the king come to know of this than he was furious.
5. In some states of the country the percentage has dropped by a sharp 80%. (Identify the voice - Active or Passive)
      Active Voice
6.I have seen many birds nestling on cell-phone towers.( Identify the tense )
     Present Perfect Tense.
7.The leopard was found in the basement of the school by a staff member on Saturday.(Begin with --'On Saturday a staff member.....)
      On Saturday  a staff member found the leopard in the basement of the school.  
8. As it was Saturday, there were no children in the school.( Use--- 'because' and rewrite)
    There were no children in the school because it was Saturday.
9.You have been very fortunate. (Rewrite as exclamatory)
  How fortunate you have been!
10.How lucky I was!(Rewrite as assertive)
     I was very lucky.
11. It has been a fascinating journey. (Begin with "What.....!")
     What a fascinating journey it has been !
12. She heard an unusual commotion and came out.(Rewrite using 'Hearing ....' instead of 'heard' )  
      Hearing an unusual commotion she came out.
13. The watchman managed to nab two of them.(Rewrite in to Past perfect tense)
     The watchman had managed to nab two of them
14. I used to take pride in my handwriting.( Remove 'used to' and rewrite)
        I would take pride in my handwriting. or  I took pride in my handwriting.
15.The advent of technology has brought in so many changes. (Change the voice)
      So many changes have been brought in by the advent of technology.
16. I can edit innumerable times. (Use 'able to')
      I am able to edit innumerable times.
17. What a dangerous thing! (Rewrite as assertive sentence)
        It was indeed a dangerous thing.
18. I'm hungry. (Add a question tag)
       I'm hungry,aren't I?
19. Get your atta freshly ground from a local chakki. (Rewrite as Assertive sentence.)
       You should get your atta freshly ground from a local chakki.
20. Daal Chawal is healthier than junk food. (Rewrite as positive degree)(Begin with -'Junk food is not....)
       Junk food is not as healthy as Daal Chawal.
21. A ripe orange is wondrous thing. (Frame 'wh-' question to get underlined part as an answer)
      What  is a wondrous thing?
22 I was very happy.(Use opposite of 'happy'without changing the meaning)
      I was not unhappy.
23. He was called Mahatma Gandhi. (Begin with- "We.....)
        We called him Mahatma Gandhi
24. Virdhawal was --- first Indian to win --- medal in aquatics.(Fill in the blanks with articles)
       Virdhawal was the first Indian to win a medal in aquatics.
25. He holds several records in the 50m, 100m and 400m. (Add a question tag)
        He holds several records in the 50m, 100m and 400m, doesn't he?
26. We enjoy our training sessions. (Rewrite it using Present Perfect Continuous Tense)
       We have been enjoying our training sessions.
27. The taste of success was sweet but it broke up her family. (Rewrite using 'Though')
      Though the taste of success was sweet, it broke up her family.
28. She was beaten up and dumped in a cow shed.(Use 'not only......but also')
       She was not only beaten up but also dumped in a cow shed.
29. We shouldn't sit back and do nothing. (Rewrite as rhetorical question)
       Should we sit back and do nothing?
30. You clean better than the petrol stations.(Change into positive degree)
        The petrol stations do not clean as clean as you do.
31.The king was so terrified that he hardly ate anything.(Remove 'so---that')
      The king was too terrified to eat anything.
32.When I was a child, a lot of sparrows would come on our terrace. (Begin with "In my childhood....)
       In my childhood a lot of sparrows would come on our terrace.
33. No one was injured in the incident. (Rewrite as affirmative)
      Every one was safe in the incident
34. This sport has given me a chance to interact with some of them.(Begin with-"I have.....)
        I have been given a chance by this sport to interact with some of them.
35. I used to write and rewrite on piles and piles of paper. (Use 'would' and rewrite)
        I would  write and rewrite on piles and piles of paper.
36.I can edit innumerable times. (Add a question tag)
      I can edit innumerable times,can't I?
37. Robots are more superior than humans.(Change the degree)
      Humans are not as super as robots.
38. We can do nothing about it. (Use 'unable to' and rewrite)
      We are unable to do anything about it.
39. They are able to perform any action. (Remove 'able to' )
       They can perform any action.
40. Earth was inhabited by robots. (Begin with - 'Robots...)
      Robots inhabited the earth.
41.I don't have 50 rs. ( Add a question tag.)
       I don't have 50 rs,do I?
42. Despite  poverty  , he is happy (change into a complex sentence)
      Though he is poor, he is happy.
43.Without the strength of Hope, Love ,Joy and Peace, we are like walking  stone.
                                                                           (Rewrite as a complex sentence)
Unless we have the strength of Hope, Love ,Joy and Peace, we are like walking  stone.
44. It is my watch.(Rewrite it in  interrogative)
      Is it my watch?
Rhetorical :Isn't it my watch?
45. It's a pleasant day today. (Rewrite it in exclamatory)
       What a pleasant day today !

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