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Subject Verb Agreement

<br /> Subject Verb Agreement
A verb is used in accordance with the number and person of the subject.
  1. Singular subject singular verb.
    • Mr. Kalikumar Tarkalankar was the new Geography teacher.
    • Mary does not like herself.
    • The credit goes to these champion players.
  2. Plural subject plural verb
    • Are we connected to nature in real sense?
    • The houses are not environment friendly.
  3. When subject consists of two or more nouns/pronouns connected by 'and', plural form of the verb(are, were, do,have) is used.
    But if the nouns suggest one idea or person, singular form of the verb(is, was,does, has) is used.
    • He and his wife are very arrogant.
    • Tom and Mary don't like each other.
    • Time and tide waits for none.('Time and tide' suggests one idea.)
    • Mango and orange are juicy fruits.
  4. Some nouns singular in form but plural in number take a plural verb.Some nouns plural in form but singular in number take a singular verb
    • The people are gathered together.
    • The cattle were grazing.
  5. When two subjects(nouns) are connected by 'as well as','with','together with', 'in addition to', 'no less than' etc, the verb should be used according to the first subject.
    • The teacher as well as the students is reading.
    • The students as well as the teacher are reading.
    • The boy with his parents has arrived.
    • The parents with the boy have arrived.
  6. When two subjects(nouns) are connected by 'Either....or',Neither ....nor', the verb should be used according to the subject close to it.
    • Either my sister or I am to do this work.
    • Neither he nor they are ready to go.
  7. When two subjects(nouns) are connected by 'not only......but also','or' the verb should be used according to the second subject.
    • Not only the teacher but also the students are laughing.
    • Not only the students but also the principal was present.

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