Thursday, 26 March 2020

Whatsapp Responses on Poetic Creativity

Compose four lines expressing the grief of having lost nature due to modernisation.

Developers develop cities
Turn deaf ears to the cries
Of environmentalists. Duties

We have to stop nature fries.

By Prafulla Mahure, Gadchandur 

The sound of chirping birds has lost,
The sound of children's small fights is lost
For now we are modernised
We sit at home and enjoy the world at our fingertips.
By Sanam Sheikh

In the name of modernization,
We have forgotten our civilization.
The builders cut the trees for construction,
That leads to the nature's destruction.
By Vaishali Jane Nagpur

Nature, you are a great creator,
Centuries passed and we have crossed so many borders,
Robbing your bounties.
Today we stand on the verge of destruction,
Nature you are a great destructor.

By Madhavi Paul, Chandrapur

Ohh!! Nature, Once lost dark will be future,

Care now, staying mature,

Corona is my feature,

Badly bruised but saving my creature.

By Anna Pardeshi

"Silent mornings are things of the past
Vast green spaces were not meant to last
All that lasted today is civilization and it's lust
We took Nature for granted and everything we got as a Gift
Only to be reminded by Her......No more That's It!!"
  By Sagrika KC College, Mumbai

We have become modernized.
But don't you think we are sad?
We had to pay a huge price.
For this gradual rise.

By Sheela Narshimhan, Mumbai

Civilization taught man
Greed, avarice, thirst
Now he will learn
Environment first
By Kailas Mahajan , Mumbai

Destroy arms ammunition and their makers 
They are real enemies of future

By Mahepaikar Sheikh.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Film Review

Story: Rancho(Amir Khan) , Raju and Farhan enter the best engineering college. They want to learn lessons of life. It cannot be taught through books and classrooms. Principal Viru Sahastrabuddhe is no help at all.He believes in enforcing knowledge and information.

Movie Review:  It is indeed a great movie getting the seetis and taalis. It is a movie reflecting educational system and parental aspirations.
The three idiots, Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan Qureshi (R Madhavan), are perfect revolutionist of the new age Indian. They choose to live life on their own terms. They pave new roads deviating from the rat race. Naturally, they end up heroes taking the road less travelled by.
The film begins with the entry of our threesome in the city's elite engineering college. They face the mandatory ragging sessions. New entrant Ranccho becomes leader . Rancho not only leads his friends through the maze of India's competitive and high-pressure education system but also he tutors them on several life mantras.

So, you have the threesome in a confrontation with authority, as represented through the Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani), the unsmiling Principal. He advocates to kill the competition, because there is only one place at the top. Students like Chatur (Omi) end up as duhs in real life and non-conformists (Rancho ), could end up as eventual winners. More importantly, they could be high not only in IQ (intelligence quotient) but in EQ (emotional quotient) too, never losing their humaneness and social networking skills.
The high point of the film is the fact that director Rajkumar Hirani says so much, without losing his sense of humour. The film keeps audience laughing despite being high on fundas. Certain sequences almost have you rolling in the aisle, like the ragging sequence, Omi's chamatkar/balatkar speech, the threesome's wedding crasher sequence, their mournful meal with Raju's mournful mum and Rancho's sundry demos to prove how Kareena has chosen the wrong guy for herself. The second half of the film does falter in parts, specially the child birth sequence.

Amongst the performances, Aamir Khan is stupendous as the rule-breaker Rancho. But the rest of the cast doesn't remain in the shadows. Both Sharman and Madhavan manage to carve their independent characters as lovable rebels too. Even Kareena shines out, despite her short role. A special mention for Boman Irani who is impeccable as `Virus', newcomer Omi who perfectly slips into the stereotype of the best.
Story: Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi script a warm and rude education system that prepares rats for a rat race.
Dialogue: Witty and wild, the film walks away with the best comic scene of the year citation with its uproarious `balatkar' speech.

Music: The songs do come alive on screen, specially Zoobie-Doobie and Aal Izz Well.

Choreography: Nice one .

Cinematography: The streets of Delhi and the picture postcard beauty of Ladakh are captured.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Preposition Exercise

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
1.She dispensed .......... her old textbooks.
2.The artist persists.......... painting landscapes even if they are not in
3.Please tell the ambulance to stand........... in case of emergency.
4.The thief who stole the painting from the museum is still ...........
5.Most victims of the earthquake are safe and ............ recovery.
6.The child fell ........... meekly to his parent's wishes.
7.This cruise liner is bound ........... the Maldives.

Key to the exercise

1.She dispensed with her old textbooks.
2.The artist persists in painting landscapes even if they are not in
3.Please tell the ambulance to stand by in case of emergency.
4.The thief who stole the painting from the museum is still at
5.Most victims of the earthquake are safe and in recovery.
6.The child fell in meekly to his parent's wishes.
7.This cruise liner is bound for the Maldives.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Speech by Dr. Prashant Thakre

Prashant Thakre Director Edustation delivered a speech on the occasion of Farewell Party to the students of std 10 at Mahatma Gandhi Vidhyalaya Gadchandur. The speech was motivational and inspiring. With simple and short stories he elaborated the importance of positive attitude, perseverance, confidence, smart work and presence of mind.

Honourable dignitaries on and off the dias, dear students. Happy to know that you are gathered here for farewell. I wish you all to fare well in the coming exam.

Friends, a tiny creature like an ant finds the sugar hidden anywhere in the cupboard.
When such a tiny creature hits the target, how is it impossible for us having a larger brain? Think about it. Be positive. Know your strength and overcome the weaknesses. Learn perseverance from ants and implement it in your life. If you think you can, you can. This attitude has a lion's share in my leading success. You are in the tender age. You should listen to good stories, lectures and speeches. Implement the strategies you learn and ride on success.

Efforts bring opportunities. So make efforts and get along with opportunities with wholeheartedly. Once an educational institution published an advertisement wanting a swimming teacher. Naturally the required qualifications as we guess, was the candidate should know swimming and be a swimmer. One unemployed youth wanted to make efforts. He sent an application to the institute. But he could not swim. So he bought books on swimming and studied the books. He got an interview call. He reached the institute. He met with nine other candidates who were swimmers and had applied for the post. The interview began and one by one the candidates were interviewed. Since the other nine candidates were swimmers, they did not read books on swimming. In the interview they failed to answer the question regarding swimming. The youth who had read books excelled in the interview. Selection committee believes in questioning. The youth made efforts of sending an application and got the opportunity of facing interview. He got the job of swimming teacher though he was not a swimmer. He was determined to make efforts. He went to the classroom. He had to teach swimming. It was ordeal for him. He did not give up though he did not know swimming. He was afraid of entering into the water. But he tried to tackle the problem. In his first lecture, he asked how many of them could swim. Six students raised hands. He took them to swimming tank. He asked them to show their swimming skills. He found them that three of them were good at swimming. He asked the trio to help other three. Then those six students were instructed to train other non swimmer. He just kept on instructing. In a period of 30 days all the thirty students became good swimmer. Seeing this the Headmaster of the school got impressed. The governing body of the school decided to honour the teacher for his commendable job. They decided honor him at the swimming tank. He got afraid. But he remained cool. The day of honour came. All guests, teachers and students gathered near the swimming tank. He was also there near the tank. Students were overjoyed as their teacher was being honoured. In the mean time the swimming teacher fell into the swimming tank. We knew that he could not swim. He started crying for help. The students dived and saved him. He was frightened. Students brought out water from his body. He was still frightened. He thought the reality came to fore. They would fire him. After a short while the program of his honour resumed. He made his mind to leave the job. He was damn sure that he would be sacked with insult. All the dignitaries gathered for the honor ceremony. The managing director stood to speak about him. While speaking about him, he stated that the teacher was not only a good swimmer but also a good actor. To teach the last lesson of saving the drowning one he acted skillfully as if he was drowning. His efforts brought him job, praise and honour.
As a student we should do smart work instead of hard work. You should apply smart ways to study. Do you know difference between smart work and hard work? A soap manufacturing company in Japan received complaints regarding empty boxes of soap. The company prepared a robot scanner to resolve the problem. The robot scanner would scan whether the container had soap cake or not. It would sorted out empty and filled containers. The problem was solved at the cost of high expenses and time. The similar problem emerged in Russia. The Russian campany bought the robot paying huge amount. Indian company worked smartly by putting a table fan near the rolling belt. The fan blew the empty container and the filled containers would pass.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Interview Questions : Dr. RANI BANG


Hello Dr. Rani Bang. Welcome to our studio. We would like to conduct interview to know more about your profession and social work.

1. How did you turn to the field of medicine?
2. What are the challenges in this field?
3. Will you please throw light over mixing professional life with social service?
4.You started working with the tribal and rural women of Gadchiroli over three decades ago. What was your experience about health concerns faced by women in these areas?
5. How did you convince these women for treatment?
6. What changes you expected to bring in their lives? Have you succeeded in it?
7. What role, according to you, should government play to bring these adivasis to main stream?
8. What do you see as the more recent and emerging health concerns for women in rural India?
9. What message would you like to give our audience regarding health care?

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Speech Bites of Makrand Anaspure

The noted Marathi film star Makarand Anaspure addressed the students in a prize distribution ceremony as a part of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Gadchandur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Gadchandur and its offspring Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalay and Jr College Gadchandur . In his comic edge speech he enthralled the audience with his narrative, comic style. He threw light on different aspects of life of students and general public.
While speaking about tree plantation, he held the view that if we plant the trees as much as we place the placard of ‘झाड़े लावा, झाड़े जगवा’ there will be greenery. Unfortunately the placards also are made of woods which we forget.
He urged girl students to pledge not to marry a person demanding dowry. He also asked the parents not to give and take dowry. He strongly opposed the exchanging sarees in wedding ceremony. No woman wears a saree received in such ceremony . It can save thousands of rupees of a bride's father. We need to hold mass marriages and avoid the unnecessary expense . It is not easy to make people understand when they are not ready to understand. Once a man got two passes of football match . He asked his friend to come along with him. His friend hesited to go to watch the football match and since he does not know anything about  it. The man insisted and offered him eatables . So they went to the football ground. Since the match hadn't been started , the man tried to make him understand the game. He said, "ते जे दोन चौकोन दिसत  आहे त्याला गोल म्हणतात ." With a loud laugh he rebuked not to fool him. The man said  "जेव्हा ball आत जातो तेव्हा गोल होतो  "  Don't fool me I know the ball is already round in shape . On many occasion we encounter such persons . He kept on storytelling . He pointed out the idealistic approach of Lal Bahadur Shastri. As the prime Minister of India his salary was ₹ 60 . Once his friend came asking for help as his wife was admitted in hospital. Shastriji explain his inability to help him. But at that time Shastrji's wife extended helping hand. Shashtriji asked her where she got money from . She stated that she saved ₹10 every month from the salary. Next day Shastriji wrote PMO to make his payment ₹ 50 .

He suggested students and teachers reading of books. Books are the most important part of life. He suggested three books of Achute Godbole, Wadekar and John Washington to be read once in a life. Learning is not just the activity but it is the process. Learning through books and experiences should be aimed at. He asserted that there is no short cut in life. He took 13 years to settle in the film industry. He is not surprised for taking such a long time. He narrated an incident from his life. Once he was in posh hotel. He went to drink water. He saw people held a glass under tap and got water. He did the same but he did not get water. He tried to push and turn the tap in vain. To hide his clumsiness he feigned having drunk water. While moving his leg stamped on the push button, he saw water flowing of the tap. After half an hour he learned how to get water.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Do as directed Grade 12


1)He wrote a couplet.(Rewrite using past perfect tense.)
2)Many kids can barely lips a few words.(Replace the modal auxiliary showing certainty)
3)The helicopter landed on ------ roof of ---- building.
(Use articles)
4) I am heading --- the entrance----building .(use prepositions)
5)She said to me", Please help me."(change the narration)
6)Yavatmal was the worst affected district.(Make it a Rhetorical Question)
7)We chose villages with a revolutionary spark.(Rewrite beginning with' Villages with... .)
8)Investors are attracted to invest in the IT sector.(Rhetorical Question)
9) India's progress in this sector is quick and influential, providing the economy a boost.(Rewrite using infinitive form)
10)Seeing the hungry market,Dell placed local advertisement.( Make it compound)
11)He added features to improve performance.(Frame Wh question)
12)But do the police need permission from event organisers to inspect a public gathering of two lakh people?(Rewrite an assertive sentence)
13)Ideas have floated but hardly ever implemented.
(Use a single word in place of underlined words)
14)They munch their breakfast on the way to work.(use present progressive tense)
15)She felt terrible about this tendency but there was nothing,she could do about it.(Rewrite using though)

1. He had written a couplet.
2. Many kids will barely lips a few words.
3. The helicopter landed on the roof of a building.
4. I am heading towards the entrance of a building.
5. She requested me to help her.
6. Wasn't Yavatmal the worst affected district ?
7. Villages with a revolutionary spark were chosen by us.
8. Aren't the investors attracted to invest in IT sector?
9. India's progress in this sector is quick and influential to provide the economy boost.
10. Dell saw the hungry market and placed local advertisement.
11. Why did he add features?
12.But the police need no permission from event organizers to inspect a public gathering of two lakhs people.
13. Ideas have floated but never implemented.
14.They are munching their breakfast on the way to work.
15. Though she felt terrible about this tendency, there was nothing she could do about it.

Q.Join the scentences to make one complete scentence without  
using 'and' , 'but' or 'so'.

(1)Madhusmita saw that I was confused.She came to rescue.
Ans: Seeing me confused Madhusmita came to rescue.

(2)He escaped from the prison.He looked for a space to hide.
Ans: After escaping from the prison, he looked for a space to hide.

(3)Everyone was drenched wet by now.The rain had come down harder.
Ans: Everyone was drenched wet by now because the rain had come down harder.

(4)She was so excited about her performance.She could not sleep at night.
Ans: She was too excited to sleep at night.

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