Past Tense : Its Uses

Simple Past Tense

घडून गेलेली क्रिया व्यक्त करण्यासाठि हा काळ वापरतात.
  1. Shahajahan built the Tajmahal in memory of Mumtaj.
  2. Columbus discovered America.
  3. India got freedom in 1947.
  4. Valmiki wrote the Ramayan.
  5. She went to Kolkata yesterday.
Structure: Sub + V2 + Obj / complement.
  1. I took decision.
  2. We played cricket.
  3. You came late.
  4. He saw a tiger.
  5. She understood her mother very well.
  6. It was found.(Passive Voice)
  7. They read a story.
  8. Mayank ate oranges.
  9. SMS was sent by him.(Passive Voice) Struc: obj+to be+v3+by+sub.
  10. He did not complete his assignments.(Negative)Stru: sub+H.V. +not+ v1 + obj.
  11. Why did she deny that proposal? (Interrogative)Stru:Wh-word+H.V. +sub+v1+obj?

Past Continuous Tense

भुतकाळात एका विशीष्ट वेळी चालु असलेली क्रिया व्यक्त करण्यासाठी हा काळ वापरतात I was reading a newspaper when the phone rang. चालु असलेली क्रिया reading विशीष्ट वेळ phone rang. वरिल वाक्यात simple past आणि past continuous चे combination वापरलेले आहे. She was reading the Ramayan in the morning. Structure: Sub +was/were+ V-ing + Obj / complement.
  1. I was playing Kho-Kho. We were watching T.V. serial.
  2. You were crossing the road.
  3. He was swimming in the river.
  4. She was making chapatis in the kitchen.
  5. They were crossing the flooded water.
  6. A car was being driven by him.(Passive voice)
  7. A prisoner was being taken away.(Passive voice)

Past Perfect Tense

भुतकाळात घडलेल्या दोन घटनांपैकि जी घटना प्रथम घड्लेलि असते ती Past Perfect Tense मध्ये लिहीतात व नंतर घडलेली घटना Simple Past Tense मध्ये लिहीतात . Mother had finished cooking when father entered the kitchen.प्रथम घड्लेलि क्रिया had finished cooking नंतर घडलेली घटना father entered the kitchen Structure: Sub +had + V3 + obj/Compl.
  1. I had swept the room.
  2. He had played chess.
  3. She had learned a lesson.
  4. They had been praised by the governor. (Passive Voice)
  5. Trees had been cut. (Passive Voice)

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