Future Tense : Its Uses


Simple Future Tense

भविष्यात क्रिया घडेल असा भाव व्यक्त करण्यासाठी हा काळ वापरतात.
  1. I will pass H.S.S.C next year.
  2. They will go to Mumbai by next train.
  3. Structure: Sub + shall/will + V1 + obj/Compl.
    1. We shall learn computer operating.
    2. He will win the Chess Championship.
    3. She will go to Nagpur tomorrow.
    4. They will arrive here by next plane.
    5. You will get success if you work hard. A story will be written by him. (Passive voice)

    Future Continuous Tense

    भविष्यात एखादि क्रिया चालु असेल अशी कल्पना व्यक्त करण्यासाठी हा काळ वापरतात.
  4. We will be learning sums in the school tomorrow.
  5. She will be drawing rangoli in the morning.
  6. Structure: Sub + shall/will +be+ V-ing + obj/Compl.
    1. I shall be drawing a big circle.
    2. We shall be painting a wall.
    3. He will be ploughing a field.
    4. She will be rolling out chapatis.
    5. They will be singing songs.

    Future Perfect Tense.

    भविष्यात एका विशिष्ट वेळी एखादी क्रिया पुर्ण झालेली असेल असा भाव व्यक्त करण्यासाठी हा काळ वापरतात.
  7. India will have become superpower by the year 2020.
  8. She will have reached Kolhapur by this time tomorrow.
  9. Structure: Sub + shall/will +have+ V3 + obj/Compl.
  10. You will have passed S.S.C. by June 2017
  11. You will have passed H.S.S.C. by June 2019.
  12. You will have got degree by the year 2023.

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