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Grammar Worksheet : Do as directed

Que-1-  Rewrite into indirect speech

A) He said to me, “Bring me a book.”
B) He said “You’re not working hard enough.”
C) “Did you see the woman yesterday?” said the girl to her mother.
D) He said, “Don’t do it.
E) “What a terrible noise!” she said
 F)He said , “which is your bicycle”
G) She said , “I am going to Kolhapur tomorrow”
h) They said "We can’t do it now”
I)They said “It is not at all true”
J) “The oracle”, he said , “chose me as the wisest Athenian because I am the only one who knows that he doesn’t know anything”

Que-2- Change the voice.
a) They are inspired by ideas.
b) They must be protected.
c) They are lifting the bodies.
d) He has outlasted them all.
e) Look at the condition of woman.

 Que-3 Rewrite the following sentences into Assertive 
 1) How amazing it is!
 2) What a foolish job he has done!
 3) Who knows nature’s secret?
 4) Is it fair to neglect woman’s plight
5) is there any room for secrecy under Bapuji’s leadership?

 Que-4 Change the Degree 
1) Mrs. Grantley is one of my best friends.
2) Bangalore is the biggest electronic city in India
 3) No other civil or military mobilization in human history is as large as it
4) Socrates was the wisest Athenian.
5) The food is one of the most essential factors in building and maintaining health

 Que -5- Do as directed 
1)Unless you take heed, you will again put to shame (Use if……..not)
 2)If the patient is not operated immediately, he will die. (Use unless)

3) No Admission Without permission (Turn in Conditional Clause using “If……not”)
 4) Stray cattle should be rounded up and auctioned by police so that cattle owners will understand the seriousness of the problem (Use if…..not)
 5) He will not pass the exam (Complete the Sentence using “if…..not”)
 6) you must have another watch. (Rewrite the sentence with a model auxiliary showing ‘advice’)
 7) I________ have my money back. (Use a suitable modal auxiliary expressing obligation)
8) we cannot forget this truth (Use ‘able to’)
9) I used to watch people coming back from fields. (Remove ‘used to’)
10) I went to villages. (Use a modal auxiliary indicating repeated occurrence)
 11) Her mother does not understand her. (Rewrite as affirmative)
12) When they stopped for a drink of water, Guymon heard a noise. (Use No Sooner)
13) Authorities planned to seal the mine off as soon as the rescue effort was abandoned. (Use No sooner……than)
14) An egg fell. It broke in to pieces (Join the sentence using Hardly-when)
 15) There was a noticeable odour of burning cloth. (Rewrite as complex)
16) Madhav was too tired to go any further. (Rewrite as Complex)
 17) I had published short stories in London.
          (Frame a ‘wh’ question to get underlined part as an answer)
18)Identify the noun, adjective and verb from the list beautify, personal, hatred
19)Match the antonyms
a)increase          1)export
 b)rarely             2)decrease
 c)import            3)frequently
20)Match the words with their meaning
a)plentiful                         1)vanish
 b)defective                       2)abundant
 c)difference                      3)faulty
 d)disappear                      4)distinction

21)It is a one sided affair. (Add a question tag)
22) The moment Sachin scored a century, he was greeted by Rahul. (use Hardly….When)
23) But he refused to do so (Rewrite using gerund)
24) I will be rescued (Rewrite in future perfect tense)
25)The snow has accumulated into thick layers. (Rewrite in present perfect continuous)
26) They compete for space in which to live as well as for light and air. (Use not only …..but also)
27) It is convenient (Rewrite as negative)
28) punctuate the following
the old man asked what are you doing there my child
29) Rustomji got the paper framed and hung it up in his office. (Rewrite as simple sentence)
30)Great leaders inspire a whole people to do great deeds (Use noun form of the underlined word)
31)They made a big hole in the wall (Rewrite as an exclamatory)
32)At night the runners were accompanied torch bearers ( Begin the sentence with ‘Torch bearers’)
33)Television can be quicker than any other means of reaching people (Begin with ‘No other…….)
34)They made a big hole in the wall. They entered the house. (use ‘by+ing’ form of the verb and join)
35) Uses of television are many.  (Begin with ‘There………) 

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