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Kartik Raichura

Dear Sir, Would you be willing to contribute on ? Please write to me. Look forward to hear from you

Santosh Bhomble Shegaon.

You have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life.Success comes only to those who believe in themselves and are prepared to win.
I congratulate for your this great creation.which is very useful for teachers and students.I hope everyone taking benefits.

Santosh Bhomble |

This was really very nice posting in this blog. I had really liked the stuff very much. The information was very cordial. Thanks! 

   Swapnil Atram: Every student dreams of having a teacher like you. You have great place in your student‘s hearts.    Wishing you all of life’s best on your birthday and always!

Surekha Zade: It is a nice idea to learn with fun.

Santosh Thipe: Great work mahure sir

Vikas Bachale :Really great of luck

Anil Tonge: Very good project

Sayuj Bhoyar :It's really helpful...

Martha Victor 
Learning new vocabulary is very interesting for fresh learners. who want to get command over language learning skills

Suvendu Basak

thank u sir thank u so much..i 'll be always grateful to u sir.. sir i have lots of problen to understand english grammer..could u plase make me clear of it?? sir,, his uses of model verbs and been being -that  can't understand and make me confused..
Yana Olson

6 months ago - Shared publicly

Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. see ...

Anna Roberts

2 months ago - Shared publicly

I have just finished reading the article you wrote on Following sentences, Rewrite & Ways. I want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking article.

Angela Michael

2 months ago - Shared publicly

Prafulla Mahure your article provides proof that the proper combination of technology, people and capital can meet any grand challenge.

Gail Georgiana

3 months ago - Shared publicly

I worked at Dell , I was left to fend for myself as a new manager and new hires are paid the same as people who have been there for years.

Sara John

7 months ago - Shared publicly

I agree with the tip of not trying too hard to imitate the way of speaking. Aside from it's annoying, I think it will just blow their chances. Thanks for sharing.">ielts speaking questions

Sachin Bhaisare

9 months ago - Shared publicly

excellent blog for English
Its improve my English
Very useful

Rohan Pawar

9 months ago - Shared publicly

amazing test. really useful for us

Udhav Puri

9 months ago - Shared publicly

I saw the exercise and tried to check my grammer. This site is very useful for me and who want to learn english.

Ashish Derkar

9 months ago - Shared publicly

Useful for competitive exam

Raju Gokhare via Google+

11 months ago - Shared publicly

Learning grammar made easy.

Sneha Bodhe

9 months ago - Shared publicly

Learning grammar at home has become handy.

Pallavi Meshram

9 months ago - Shared publicly

Change the voice become easy to understand

Prasad Punjekar

1 year ago - Shared publicly

nice to see u here sir after a long ago...for a moment once again i feel n remember our college classroom too!
thank u so much sir...i appreciate ur efforts
...hope students should take advantage of it
...good luck..n happiee new year...!!!

Prabhakar Kolhe

1 year ago - Shared publicly

Nice effort to reach to the students. Students should get the benefit of it.

Bhosale Harshal

3 weeks ago - Shared publicly

What is indirect speech of she said to father i took your notebook ·


Prafulla Mahure

She told her father that she had taken his notebook.

Julia Robert

1 year ago - Shared publicly

Thanks for sharing this nice post. When you are planning to write some thing in English Language, it is very important to follow the Grammar and Punctuation tips to express your idea concisely.

Sukesh Thakare

1 year ago - Shared publicly

If i read your blog regularly one day i will definitely fluent in English........ Using Synthesis

Kishor Patwardhan

2 weeks ago - Shared publicly

so nice that you've added it in Marathi. 

akhand pratap singh

1 month ago - Shared publicly

Gd for education in english grammar..
shivaji sable

10 months ago - Shared publicly

good learnig english

Vishwabharati Bobade

1 year ago - Shared publicly

Useful for everyone. to learn !

rohit shingade

1 year ago - Shared publicly

Blog is useful 4 every 1 who wants 2 learns English.

Sukesh Thakare

1 year ago - Shared publicly

Using Articles.....
You are the teacher in the MGV Gadchandur who connected with your old students and still teach us.

sneha kakde

1 year ago - Shared publicly

sir i m student of 10 (A) m.g.v.gadchandur , i read ur blog regularly . 

Sukesh Thakare

1 year ago - Shared publicly

I am very thankful to you sir.
You are only teacher who connected

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