Reader's Queries And My Responses

I got this request. I responded to it. Your queries also will be solved. Please send queries.

Please write the rules of joining any two or three sentences. Here I write a few sentences. Please solve them and then explain how you have done it.
1. She would place a banana leaf . She ladled rice and aromatic sambar on it (Make it complex)
She placed a banana leaf on which she would ladle rice and aromatic sambar.

2. She reached down. She picked the boy up by his shirt front. She shook him until his teeth rattled. (Make it simple)
Reaching down and picking the boy up by his shirt front she shook him to rattle his teeth.
3.It was impossible to decide beforehand the right time for every action. Others declared it. (Make it complex)

It was impossible to decide beforehand the right time which was declared by others for every action.

Explanation : 1. Two/three different sentences are considered as compound sentences. For making complex choose a suitable
subordinate conjunction. While making simple sentence take care that only one finite verb will be the part of the sentence
Use "ing forms" or "infinitives" of other finite verbs.

4. All is well that ends well (negative sentence)

                                                     suvendu basak
      Nothing is well if the end is not well.
5.You are better than any other student in your school. ( what is positive and comparative degree)Anonymous . Searched by Google
Positive: No other student in your school is as good as you.
Superlative: You are the best student in your school.
The given sentence itself is in positive degree.
6. The peepal tree was the best spot for some sightseeing ,because the tree was the tallest among all trees.(Rewrite as simple sentence)Anonymous . Searched through Google and reached my blog.
The peepal tree being the tallest among all the trees was the best spot for some sightseeing.

7.Language is for the ears not the eyes. ( make it affirmative )Anonymous(By searching this sentence, someone reached my blog) . Searched by Google
     Language is more for the ears than for the eyes.
8. India is a great country. (Change it into exclamatory)Anonymous . Searched by Google
     What a great country India is!

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