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Unit Test 1 Std 11 English Year 2015

    Que-I Read the following extract and answer the question given below it :        11 Marks
    A heavy blizzard at New Zealand's Mt cook, where he was a 23 year old search and rescue mountaineer, relegated Inglis to an ice cave for 13 days. Following his rescue, a major media event, both his legs had to be amputated knee-down because of sever frostbite.
    " I don’t tell them I am disable. Disability is a state of mind. I say I’m a double amputee", says the Jolly Kiwi, who is in the city to deliver a series of motivational lectures to corporates, schools and whosoever is willing to borrow inspiration from his survival story.

    Que.1 What was Inglis profession at the age of 23 ?                                                                  1

    Que.2 What caused the amputation of both of mark Inglis' legs ?                                              2

    Que.3 Why was Mark Inglis in city ?                                                                                         2

    Que.4 According to Inglis "Disability is a state of mind," Do you agree with it ? Explain.      2

    Que.5 Rewrite the sentences in the ways instructed.
    1 Disability is a state of mind (Add question tag)                                                                       1
    2 He is willing to borrow inspiration from his survival story (Rewrite in past continuous tense)1
    3 I am not disabled. (Make it Affirmative)                                                                                  1
    Que.6 Find out the words which mean.                                                                                      1
    Snow storm ii) Cut off in medical operation.

    Que-II Read the following extract and answer the questions given below it :             6 Marks
    This is another chapter in the book,

    This is another race that you have planned.

    Don’t give the vanished days a backward look,

    Start where you stand.

    Que.1 What is the new beginning compared to ?                                                                          1

    Que.2 Will this Poem help you overcome strain and stress in your life ? Explain.                      2

    Que.3 "Start where you stand". Name and explain the figure                                                      1

    Que.4 Note down the rhyme scheme used in the poem and show the rhyming pair of words.    2

    Que-III Do as directed (one mark each)                                                                      8 Marks
    If you do not study hard, you will fail (Rewrite using ‘Unless)
    2.Ganga is the longest river in India (Change the degree)
    3.We don’t have to look far. (Add question tag)
    4.It was very efficient and profitable (Make exclamatory)
    5.I will wait for you there (Rewrite in Future continuous tense)
    6.She has inspired me. (change the voice)
    7. As soon as I saw her, she closed the door. (Use No sooner………than)
    8. She is both clever and active (Use not only ……….. but also)

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