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Unit Test 1 Std 11 English

    Que-I Read the first activity and read the  following extract and do all the activities                                                                    12 Marks 
      A1 Which of the following statements show positive attitude of Kiwi?               2
      A. I don’t tell them I am disable. 
      B. Disability is a state of mind. 
      C. I say I’m a double amputee. 
        A heavy blizzard at New Zealand's Mt cook, where he was a 23 year old search and rescue mountaineer, relegated Inglis to an ice cave for 13 days. Following his rescue, a major media event, both his legs had to be amputated knee-down because of sever frostbite. " I don’t tell them I am disable. Disability is a state of mind. I say I’m a double amputee", says the Jolly Kiwi, who is in the city to deliver a series of motivational lectures to corporates, schools and whosoever is willing to borrow inspiration from his survival story. 
        A2.  Complete the statement : The amputation of Inglis' legs was caused because - - - - - - - -                             
        A3 Conclusion :
         Disability is a state of mind.  Explain it in your words. You may begin with  'Physically challenged people.............                      2
          A4 Vocabulary :                     2
          Give opposites of the following words from the extract. 
          1. Minor    
          2. light 
          3. able 
          4. lend 
          A5 : Personal Response :            2
          Would you advise an amputee to do heavy work? Give reasoned answer. You 
          A6 Rewrite the sentences in the ways instructed.  2 
          1 Disability is a state of mind (Add question tag) 
          2 I am not disabled. (Make it Affirmative) 
            B. Do as directed                2
            1.If you do not study hard, you will fail (Rewrite using ‘Unless) 
            2.Ganga is the longest river in India (Change the degree)
                  Que-II Read the following extract and do all the activities         8 
                  Start where you stand and never mind the past
                  The past won't help you in beginning a new
                  If you have left it all behind at last
                  Why ,that's enough, you've done with it, you're through
                  This is another chapter in the book, 
                  This is another race that you have planned. 
                  Don’t give the vanished days a backward look, 
                  Start where you stand. 
                  The world won’t care about your old defeats
                  If you can start anew and win successes;
                  The future is your time, and time is fleet
                  And there is much of work and strain and stress;
                      A1 Complete the diagram                  2
                                    New beginning compared to 
                      1                   2         
                                                                                     A2 Poetic device 
                      "Start where you stand".
                      Name and explain figures of Speech and give similar example                   2
                      A3 Personal Response 
                      Will this Poem help you overcome strain and stress in your life ? Explain                                2 
                      A4 Poetic Creation 
                      Compose a poem of four lines by using words book, look, race, face              2
                        Que. 3 Prepare your speech in 120 words on the topic “Life in Cities Not Easy-going” You have to deliver in the speech competition organized in your college.                                3

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