Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Adverb Clause Of Time

Observe the following sentences

1.       When you enter the garden you will be given a sack.

2.       As they walked into the garden it became wilder.

3.       Don’t watch the TV while you are eating.

4.       There was darkness as the lights went off.

5.       The doctor always visits us whenever he is sent for.

6.       Success comes after you have worked hard.

7.       I have not seen her since I left my job.

Complete the following paragraph, using appropriate subordinate conjunctions:

My friend called me when I was packing the things. While I was packing the things, the bell rang. It kept ringing since I was talking to my friend on my mobile. When I opened the door,  I was surprised to see my closest college friend standing in front of me. As soon as he saw me, he hugged me warmly. I felt very happy when I saw him. We had met after a long gap of ten years,we had many things to talk about. He had always helped me.

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