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Noun Clauses

  1. They knew it was spring.
  2. Let me tell you what I owe to cricket.
  3. They never remembered what they had seen.
  4. Tell us how we can get into the house.
  5. What he said is true.
  6. What you speak may not be an Indian language.
  7. It didn't take any of my time to tell that he was doing a good job. Underlined clause being an obj of "to tell" is noun clause
  8. I will see that we buy tickets. Underlined clause being an obj of "see" is noun clause
  9. It is cynical to advocate the philosophy that nothing ever is permanant in life. Underlined clause being as in apposition to the noun "phylosophy" is noun clause
  10. What needs to be projected is the incandescent spirit underlying Kapil's remarkable feat. Underlined clause being a subject of "is" is noun clause
  11. That's what I would like to knowUnderlined clause being a complement of "is" is noun clause
  12. Adjective Clauses

    1. I gave up the idea of locating the address I had come for.Underlined clause qulifies the noun "address"
    2. He also does not know the place where you want to go.Underlined clause qualifies the noun "place"
    3. Nothing happens to those who eat these neem fortified plants.Underlined clause qualifies the pronoun "those"
    4. This is my friend whom you met yesterday.Underlined clause qualifies the noun "my friend"
    5. The reason that he gave does not convince me.Underlined clause qualifies the noun "reason"
    6. Adverb Clauses

      1. Every generation must do its job well so that it pass the torch of freedom to the text.Underlined clause modifies the verb "must do"It is an adverb of purpose.
      2. It was a gift made to you before you were born.Underlined clause modifies the verb "made."It is an adverb clause of Time.
      3. Although many of the songs are very lyricalthe main appeal of Tamasha is the vigorous dancing of Gaulan."It is an adverb clause of contrast.
      4. Since his empire covered an amazing spectrum from soap to aviation, he richly deserved the title.It is an adverb clause of reason.
      5. Children could understand a great deal if it was explained to them in easy language."It is an adverb clause of condition.
      6. Raklesh and Grandfather gazed at the tree as though it had performed a miracle."It is an adverb clause of manner.
      7. They took it with them wherever they went."It is an adverb clause of place.
      8. .

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