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Rewrite as Complex Sentence

1. Complex Sentence करतांना वाक्यात दोन क्रियापदे व एक Sub- ordinate Conjunction आणावे.
2. Simple Sentence चे Complex Sentence करतांना एक स्वतंत्र वाक्य कोणते ते ठरवावे.
3. नतंर दुस‍र्‍या क्रियापद सद्रूश्य शब्दाचे क्रियापदात रुपांतर करावे.
4. दोन वाक्य जोडण्यास योग्य ते Conjunction (that, who, which, though, so--that, etc) वापरावे.
5. 'too-- to' च्या वाक्यात ’so - that' वापरुन complex sentence केल्या जाते.
1] It offers tools for managing the environment.
वरिल वाक्यात It offers tools हे पुर्ण वाक्य आहे त्यानंतर conj. 'which' घ्यावे. Managing या क्रियापद सद्रुश्य् शब्दाचे ing काढून योग्य त्या काळात ते क्रियापद वापरावे. त्यापुर्वी असलेले for हे preposition काढून टाकावे.
Comlpex: It offers tools which manages the environment.
2] In London she met Julio, a young man from Spain.
    In London she met Julio who was a young man from Spain.
3] In 2002 she died.
    It was in 2002 that she died.
4] Dad asked me to play at the family occasions but the lessons stopped.
    Though Dad asked me to play at the family occasions, the lessons stopped.
5] Madhav was too tired to go any further.
    Madhav was so tired that he could not go any further.
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