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Preposition is the most important part of English Language. It plays a crucial role in learning the language.

  • PREPOSITION : नामाच्या पुर्वी येणार्‍या व दुसर्‍या शब्दाशी त्या नामाचा संबंध व्यक्त करणार्‍या शब्दास Preposition म्ह्णतात.
    (A preposition is a word placed before a noun to show its relation with other word.)
    1. Mother is in the kitchen.
    2. There are seven days in a week.
    3. We live in Chandrapur district.
    4. Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869.
      into-च्या आत (वेगाने)
    5. He jumped into the river.
      on-च्या वर(स्पर्श करुन) ,ला
    6. A book is on a table.
    7. We celebrate Christmas on 25 December.
    8. He was absent on Monday.
      over-च्या वर (स्पर्श नसुन)
    9. A fan is over our head.
    10. A cat is under a table.
      between-दोघांच्या मध्ये
    11. B is between A and C.
      among अनेकाच्या मध्ये
    12. The teacher is standing among the students.
      for साठी
    13. I bought a doll for her.
    14. of चा, ची, चे
    15. This is a pen of Jayant.
      at-कडे, ला
    16. We live at Korpana.
    17. I get up at 5:30 A.M.
      beside च्या बाजुला
    18. Sit beside me.
      with च्या सह
    19. Come with me.
    20. Cut with knife.
      by ने, च्या कडुन
    21. Trees are cut with axe by people.
    22. We travel by bus.
      to च्या कडे, ला
    23. We go to school.
      up वरच्या दिशेने
    24. The dog is looking up.
      down खालच्या दिशेने
    25. They came down the hill.
      fromच्या पासुन
    26. Chandrapur is 25 kms. far from Rajura.
      acrossच्या पलीकडे
    27. They sail across the ocean.
      throughच्या मधुन
    28. The thief entered through the window.
      behindच्या मागे
    29. My house is behind the post-office.
      off च्या पासुन दुर
    30. The students of our school ran off the road. 


  • Fill in the blanks with preposition.

  • रिकाम्या जागेत Preposition भरतांना वाक्याचा अर्थ व Preposition चा अर्थ लक्षात घ्यावा.
    1. Our prayer starts_____ 7:10 A.M (at, on)
    2. The plane flew _____our village.(over, on)
    3. We have holiday ____ Sunday.(on, at)
    4. He was arrested ____ police.(by, from)
    5. 2 is _____1 and 3.(in , between)
    6. There are 30 days __a month.(on/ in)
    7. We write ___a pen. (with, by)
    8. He took a pencil___Jaya. (of, Off)
    9. He went ___Mumbai.(to, on)
    10. We buy things ____ shop.(in, from)
    अधिक अभ्यासासाठी पाठातील preposition असणारी वाक्य शोधुन लिहावी. Preposition ने वेळ, ठीकाण, दिशा दर्शविल्या जाते.

  • Look at the following sentences and state what the underlined prepositions indicate.

    1. India got freedom in 1947.
    2. The train arrived at 10 O'clock.
    3. The TajMahal was built in Agra.
    4. Mahatma Gandhi was born at Porbandar in Gujrat.
    5. India's Constitution was implemented on 26th of January 1950.
    6. They set up a tent on hill.
    7. They sailed across the ocean.
    8. The bus moved along the road.
    9. The boys threw stones at the frog.
    10. Mother is in the kitchen.
    Key 1. time 2. time 3. place 4. place, place 5.time 6. place 7. direction 8. direction 9. direction 10. place.

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