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Rewrite as Compound Sentence

Rewrite as Compound Sentence
1) Compound Sentence बनवतांना and ,but ,yet,or, not only- but also, neither - nor, either - or ही coordinating conjunctions वापरतात
2) Simple चे compound करतांना क्रियापद सदृश्य शब्दाचे पुर्ण क्रियापद बनवावे . त्याला योग्य तो कर्ता वापरावा
3) मूळ वाक्यात हे नवीन वाक्य योग्य त्या conjunction ने जोडावे .

For English Medium students

( While making a compound sentence co-ordinate conjunctions such asand, but, yet, or, not only -but also , neither - nor , either - or etc are used.
While transforming simple sentence into compound verb like word should be converted into main verb . A suitable subject should be supplied to that verb. Use a suitable conjunction to join to the sentence.)

Examples : Simple 1. Lifting her head,she looked about.
Compound: She lifted her head and looked about.
2. My wife enters the kitchen to find them scurrying away.
My wife enters the kitchen and finds them scurrying away.
3.Putting on his hat, he went outside.
He put on his hat and went outside.
4. Walking further we reached the highway.
We walked further and reached highway.
5. It destroyed life and property, bringing in untold miseries.
It destroyed life and property and brought in untold miseries.
6.Ruben could not ask his father for the money.
Neither Ruben had money nor he could ask his father for the money.

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