Tuesday, 17 February 2015

STD 12 :Rapid Reading Based Dialogue Writing.

Read the extract and write a short piece of dialogue between Charles and Oliver.
Fredrick had a very famous wrestler................to do his best to kill Orlando.

Charles:Hey. Oliver, would you persuade Orlando to give up the idea of wrestling?
Oliver :Why do you warn?
Charles:I'm professional wrestler . And I must always fight to win.Anyone who fights me runs the risk of being badly hurt.
Oliver :But Orlando is ungrateful and deserve the punishment. I would rather you break his neck than finger.
Charles:You want me to hurt him.
Oliver : Yes, You have my permission to do what you like with the boy.
Charles:I promise you to do my best to kill Orlando.

Read the extract and write a short piece of dialogue between Orlando and Duke.
The Duke Senior and his followers were sitting ...........how sweet and good Rosalind is.

Orlando: Hey, stop and eat no more.
Duke :What? What do you want?
Orlando:Food.I'm almost dying of hunger.
Duke :Oh! Sit down and eat with us.
Orlando:No, I won't eat a bite. My servenat is in the wood dying of hunger.
Duke :Let's bring him here and feed him.
Orlando:Thank you, sir.

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