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Speech Writing

Speech on Students' Day

Respected Principal, honourable teachers and dear students, I feel proud to speak on such a great occasion.  We are gathered here to celebrate  November 7 as ‘Students’ Day’, to mark Dr B R Ambedkar’s entry into school education 117 years back in 1900.  Babasaheb's  enrolment in school was the dawn of a new era. It was because of the Constitution given by Dr Ambedkar to the nation that the values of freedom, equality, brotherhood and rule of law took roots in the society.Hence the enrolment of Dr B R Ambedkar as a student in the school is a landmark event and proves to be one that changed the course of our history. Dr Ambedkar was a life-long student and cultivated his interest to learn throughout his life. Friends,it is rightly said that every student is the future of the country and education is the only means for progress.The very purpose of observing this day as Students' Day is  to make the students aware that hard work alone can ensure their progress.Dr Ambedkar enrolled as a student on November 7, 1900 at Pratapsingh High School in the state’s Satara district.He started his schooling in a hostile condition. He set an example for students how much,how far and how long one can study. He is an inspiration for all . Nothing can prevent from studying. Should we give excuses for not preparing due to power failure? My dear colleagues, Babasaheb used to study sitting under the lamp post. Who doesn't know this ? Being a student I am very much delighted to be a witness of Students' Day celebration. I have to take leave of you as many other students are going share their views. Thanks for listening me peacefully.


Honourable  chairperson, chief guests, and the dignitaries as well as the most respected dear students .
      friends we commemorate so many special days such as Republic day, Independence day, World literary day and so on . But well here is one day that deserves  not only commemoration but our total dedication --- world environment Day, 5 June .Today we are celebrating the world environment day in our college. As a student we all know the importance of the day. Every year on this day  we celebrate the programme in our college to create awareness  in the minds of  our friends , neighbours , our companions and those who live in our surroundings . 
 friends our mother earth has made our life worth living,  trees and plants provide us everything .Not only oxygen but also everything ,you name it and you will find its source in the nature .friends  we have learnt the poem 'The felling of the banyan tree '.We learnt that how the devotees of materialism have ruined the beauty of the nature, they have not only ruined the beauty of the nature but also polluted the atmosphere of the world .I'm saying here 'the world ' because they are many in number . In this poem we learnt fifty men chopped the trunk of the tree, through this we can measure the intensity  of their  destructive attitude , really it is a fearful thing no less horrible . And if it goes on ..... one day we will have to leave this world for ever .
    friends ,  think of our next generation . Today we say that had our ancestors paid heed to the family planning like programmes we wound not have to face the problems we are facing today.   But whatever it may be , we have to set the things straight . Today we all have to make a commitment to plant as many trees as we can. And let's take care that they  are grown.
Make awareness about it .Mobilize people for this greater cause. Friends it's not the environment you will be protcting  ... You are protecting your own life and the lives of your beloved ones.
  Thank you  ...

[The above speech on 
Save Environment is prepared by 
 V. A. Navghare  sir]

Speech Writing

Very good morning to all ,  Honourable principal dear teachers and madam and my sweet   little friends  I am Anuj Wasudeo Mahure studying in class 1 standard . I tell you about Gandhiji. He is known as Bapu , Mahatma Gandhi, and father of nation.Today on 2 nd october we remember him every year .He was born on 2nd October 1869 at Porbunder in Gujrat. His  full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.He gave us freedom from British . He believed in peaceful ways. He had love for all mankind . He sang bhajans . His favourite bhajans was Raghupati Raghav Rajaram . Let us sing together .            
(या नंतर ते भजन चारओळी )

Jai hind Thank you very much

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