Thursday, 31 December 2015

Questions And Answers On Concrete Jungle

We used to think seven generations ahead
Now we are become selfish
Only thinking about me, myself and I
Only thinking in the present, not learning from the past.
We used to stroll barefoot through the overgrown grass,
Its morning dew tickling our feet
Now we step outside onto the rugged concrete
No more natural than the over processed food we eat
We used to walk down the snow sprinkled trail,
Maybe catch a glimpse of a bobcat, playing eye tricks with its tail
Now there is only one type of bobcat we see
The one that is fur free, clearing the pavement of all debris
We used to walk through a footpath in a forest of pine
The smell intoxicating our lungs and mind
Now the only smell to be found comes from plastic trees
Swaying on my rear-view mirror, labelled pine breeze
We used to watch the valley play hide and seek
Shadowed by the mountain's immeasurable peak
Considered the largest thing known to man
Now skyscrapers are the most extravagant and titanic part of the plan
We used to sit next to the stream, the wind caressing our crown
Watching the magnificent untamed beasts roam far, far from town
Now they are just characters of folktales, memories we pass down
An adjective to describe someone, no more a noun
This could be our reality
If we continue to live in impracticality
No more vast, endless oceans-
Only littered swamps, the colour of a witch's potions.
No more soaring birds overhead-
Only planes, so loud they rock your bed.
No more woods
No more natural goods
We have little time
To change our self centered, one track minds
Before we are stuck with a great heap of jumble
Left only with an artificial concrete jungle.

Q.1 What would we think in past?
Q.2 What do you think about nowadays?
Q.3 What does the poet think about the past?
Q.4 What does the poet think about the present?
Q.5 How does the poet compare the past and the present lifestyle?
Q.6 What kind of food we eat?
Q.7 What would we catch a glimpse of?
Q.8 How was the experience of poet walking through the jungle?
Q.9 "Its morning dew tickling our feet" Name and Explain the figures of speech.
Q.10"The one that is fur free"Name and Explain the figures of speech.

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