Sunday, 13 March 2016

Key 1

1. I did not like the idea of making Omelette.
2. Mother was not at home, wasn't she?
3. No sooner had Dave begun his second year than he heard himself hopelessly swamped.
4. Don't lose faith, will you?
5. I would spend hours under it.
6. We treated him with respect.
7. Present Perfect Tense.
8. She has been playing the role in Hollywood .
9. Possibility
10. The science class had started when Satish reached the college.
11. COMP: This is greater than any other lesson in life.
      POSI: No other lesson in life is as great as this.
12. They aren't free from the burden of parental aspiration.
13. Let us resolve to give our children the freedom of childhood, shall we?
14. Isn't he the right person to do this?
15. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
16. The problem was too difficult to solve.
17. Not only boys but also girls are given equal opportunity.
18. There was neither electricity nor primary school.
19. It was a very pleasant idea.
20. Chennai's climate was not hotter than my father's moods.

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