Sunday, 15 May 2016

Holiday Homework

Rewrite the following sentences into all types of Tenses.

  1. A farmer ploughs his field.
  2. I type an SMS.
  3. They sow seeds in the farm.
  4. It rains.
  5. He directs a film.

Identify the Tense.

  1. It is interesting.
  2. They are inspired.
  3. She put her bag on the table.
  4. She has been telling a story.
  5. He had entered the class.
  6. She was working with her friend.
  7. He will have completed his project.
  8. They had been erecting a building.
  9. How much does it cost?
  10. What will you do ?
  11. You did not reach in time.
  12. He will be doing sums.

Change the voice.

  1. He is especially entranced by the magic glimmer.
  2. I saw this process.
  3. We are generating forces.
  4. They have been entertained by us.
  5. She had cooked food.
  6. You are welcomed by them.
  7. Adolf Hitler wrote MEIN KAMPF.
  8. It is being read by me,
  9. He took out a mass demonstration in favour of national unity.
  10. He was highly influenced by two people.

Change the degree

1. Blood is thicker than water.
2. Sword is not as mighty as pen.
3. 99 is the greatest two digit number.
4. No other boy is as clever as Aniket.
5. Platinum is more expensive than any other metal.
6. Mango is one of the sweetest fruits
7. Very few players are as good as Sachin.
8. Akola is hotter than most other cities.

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