Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Conversation 1

*Teacher 1*: Hey buddy , do    you want to learn French ?
*Teacher 2*: Yaa , I would like to . But how ?
*T 1* : Just think how we learn our mother tongue . We used to listen people around us .After a silent listening for a year , we started to utter .
*T 2* : But ,people around us     do not speak French . So how can we listen ?
*T 3*. Hey buddies , in this era of internet , you need not worry . Just go online find videos , audios , speeches and interviews and listen to them. If you read loudly , you can listen to yourself .
*T 2*: Thanks bro . It's a nice idea .
*T 1* : Thanks for the suggestion 
*T 3* : Good luck . Do you know I don't know French ? But I have learned English this way . So I am sure you can learn any language only beginning with listening .

*The conversation that takes place in my dream. I would like to share with you* .

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