Monday, 10 April 2017

Do as directed Grade 11

    Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:
  1. The south makes an equal strong claim.(Rewrite into Present Perfect Tense)
  2. The south has made an equal strong claim.
  3. The visitor is spoiled for choice. ( Rewrite it in Past Perfect Tense)
  4. The visitor had been spoiled for choice.
  5. India today is one of the most exciting tourist destination in the world.
  6. (Change the Degree).
Today very few destinations in the world are as exciting as India.
  • He has developed a marked sense of humor. (Rewrite it in Future Perfect Tense)

  • He will have developed a marked sense of humor.
  • His heart is bigger than his brain. (Change the Degree)

  • His brain is not as big as his heart.
  • The Hamal Panchayat has also created a free secondary school.(Identity the Tense.)

  • Present Perfect Tense
  • He owns no property. (Rewrite using ‘not’)

  • He does not own any property.
  • The unions are all funded through contributions and from small economic activities. (Rewrite using not only.. but also.)

  • The unions are all funded not only through contributions but also from small economic activities.
  • Madhu is _________ model and _____ artist. ( Use suitable articles in blanks)

  • Madhu is a model and an artist.
  • Meet me ___10.30 a.m. ______Monday. (Use suitable prepositions in blanks )

  • Meet me at10.30 a.m. onMonday.
  • Teacher: How far is your home from your college?
    Rupali: More than 2 km.

  • Teacher asked how far her home is. Rupali replied that it is more than 2 km.

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